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What do you know about a tummy tuck?

A good tummy tuck can generate a happy patient.

Here are 6 facts you need to know about tummy tucks.

  • The average type of person that hs a tummy tuck is someone who has lost a lot of weight, or females who gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and lost it afterwards.
  • Very few people lose weight with a tummy tuck procedure. 1-2 kilograms being the average.
  • Patients who stay overnight after the procedure suffer significant less post operative risks because they are supervised.
  • In some instances adjustments are needed, but can be done in a surgeon’s rooms.
  • Each procedure differs from the next – but whatever your looking for make sure you consult with an expert. With this particular procedure the cheapest option may not provide you with the best results and some
  • blunders caused cannot always be corrected – so be sure to deal with the best surgeon possible.

Be aware will need to deal with drain pipes and catheters for a week or two. The purpose is to assist in the proper healing process and to prevent fluid collections that can damage results that would have been excellent otherwise.

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